Brandon Anschultz

1310 S 18th St

St. Louis, MO 63104

Studio Open Sunday, October 8

Media Type:

Drawing, Installation, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Sculpture

In the 20 years of his practice, Brandon Anschultz has made work mostly investigating the space between painting, sculpture and installation. He has focused on the materiality of painting and objects and has often employed loose narratives as a guide. Anschultz is at the beginning of a new body of work that will focus more narrowly on themes of queer identity and history.

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Image Credits:
Pink, 2017. Sand and enamel on MDF. Courtesy the artist and Philip Slein Gallery.
Absent (Peter’s Gaze / David’s Gaze), 2017. Appropriated image, inkjet print and pencil on paper. Courtesy the artist and Philip Slein Gallery.
Head (Warning) 2017. Light blue handkerchief and enamel on canvas. Courtesy the artist and Philip Slein Gallery.
White Pedestal on Violet Painting (Pink Frame), 2016. Gesso and tinted gesso on panel. Courtesy the artist.
Hourglass (mock-up), 2017. Sand and mirrors. Courtesy the artist.