Gena Brady


4032 Botanical Ave, 2nd Fl

St. Louis, MO 63110

Studio Open Saturday, October 7

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Along with her passion for her hometown of St Louis, she is energized by travel, providing fresh eyes and perspectives to her work. She earned a B.S. in Environmental Design from the University of Missouri - Columbia. The built environment and the way move through and populate the spaces informs much of her work. She has exhibited her work at various galleries and group shows, since 2001. She has also been a volunteer photographer for the International Institute of St Louis, a CAT graduate through the Regional Art Commission, and provides art for local bands.

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Image Credits:
Buffalo, 2007. Courtesy of artist.
Chevrolet, 2009. Courtesy of artist.
Open Soon, 2012. Courtesy of artist.
Roses, 2011. Courtesy of artist.
Love Dumpster, 2011. Courtesy of artist.