Kristin Cassidy


2701 Cherokee St

St. Louis, MO 63118

Studio Open Sunday, October 8

Media Type:

Installation, Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture

Alaska native Kristin Cassidy is a multidisciplinary visual artist residing in St Louis, Missouri.

Kristin's careful fascination with overlooked, yet highly expressive minutia, gently connects her work as one large body. Her obsession with detail earned Kristin 'Best Set Design 2017', from Saint Louis Theater Circle Awards, for her immersive & eerie set design of YoungLiars' 'Burrow'; a one-man production set in an extemporaneous, cavernous homestead.

Kristin's work often begins with the conscientious rescuing of dismissed or discarded items, whose intrinsic or contextual value she discovers on her regular scavengings along the Mississippi River. Kristin curates the items in emphatical typology until what naturally emerges is story-like expression, with Kristin as director, and her items as characters each with their precise role.

By making spectacle the peculiarity of discovered items, or by emulating the effects of time, Kristin's work brings light to the inescapable duality of accumulation and loss.

Studio Features:

Image Credits:
Cross-section, 2016. Laminated wood. Courtesy the artist.
Untitled Erosion (caverns), 2016. Ink on paper in artist frame. Courtesy the artist.
Involution, 2016. Tangled wire and zipper from the St. Louis Riverfront, Missouri. Courtesy the artist.
Imprint (Eight), 2016. Rust and verdigris on canvas paper. Courtesy the artist.
Photographic Typology (Spoons), 2017. Digital photo print. Courtesy the artist.