Joe Chesla

510 N Compton Ave

St. Louis, MO 63103

Studio Open Sunday, October 8

Media Type:

Drawing, Installation, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Sculpture

Using aspects of order, repetition, stillness and evolution, I create works of unfocused awareness. Within these pieces, we experience manifestations of internal and external, cool and comforted, filtered and clarity of vision. We can find comfort in glacial speeds and spaces of great stillness. This work takes the viewer to that place of personal confrontation with beauty, stillness, isolation, and vast mindfulness. I focus this aesthetic perspective on creating sculptural objects, installation and drawings in order to bring the viewer to a stronger connection to this specific sense of presence.

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Image Credits:
In the midst. 6000 plastic bags, porcelain slip, algae. Courtesy the artist.
Accordance/reveal, 2013. 11000 plastic bags, porcelain, algae. Courtesy the artist.
Breathing Room, 2015. Glass, porcelain, metal, algae. Courtesy the artist.
Untitled (A), 2017. Iron oxide, graphite, encaustic on paper. Courtesy the artist.
Untitled (A), 2017. Detail, iron oxide, graphite, encaustic on paper. Courtesy the artist.