Nicole Cooper


2173 Big Bend Blvd

St. Louis, MO 63117

Studio Open Saturday, October 7

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My life-sized figurative paintings are comprised of energetic brushwork, vivid colors, and unfurling layers of painted flesh. They represent the dynamic aspect of humanity as a continuously evolving force. Motion, rhythm, the cycle of repair and regeneration are a microcosm of this continuous process that identifies the spark of life - for systems are to the body as individuals are to humanity.

To represent this regenerative cycle, I envision the core of the body as an active, blooming force. Hot oranges, reds, and yellows dominate the surface as fleshy painted forms grow up and out from within. During the painting process, I apply layers of thick and thin brushwork to build up the figure in the same way the bones, muscles and flesh form the human body. I emphasize the structure of the pelvis as the cradle of regeneration.

In works with more than one figure, multiple canvases enable connections despite the physical boundaries of each rectangle. Figures morph into one another and share systems. Woven veins represent connections of kinship through blood.

The figures are painted life-sized to allow the viewer to relate his or her own body to this continuously evolving life force that universally connects human beings.

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Image Credits:
Bud 01, 2016. Oil on Canvas. Courtesy the artist.
Cell Division 02, 2017. Oil on Linen. Courtesy the artist.
Interwoven 02, 2017. Oil on Canvas. Courtesy the artist.
Morph, 2017. Ink on Paper. Courtesy the artist.
Woven In Yellow, 2017. Oil on Canvas. Courtesy the artist.