Danielle Correll


2720 Sutton Blvd

Maplewood, MO 63143

Studio Open Saturday, October 7

Media Type:

Jewelry, Mixed Media, Painting

A majority of my work is based upon my own experiences and memories. This is then taken into the human form & figure. Lines & curves represent so much more than the line or shape that are visually apparent. It's more mood and emotion. When you see into that, along with the underwriting in color theory of psychology and mood it becomes more clear. Those who choose not to look so deep will see beautiful human figures with an array of complimentary tones, highly suitable for anyone looking for a centerpiece of great work! Some other works include, looking inside the objective controversial truths, narrative based agenda & oppressive regimes in our society & asking the viewer to question everything they've believed. By confronting the viewer with the conditioning of their own perceptions, only to reconsider their biased opinions. The images, although challenging and aesthetically pleasing, will leave the viewer's mind haunted, asking many questions, and impress upon your mind, like a good film, long after you've seen them. Any piece is surely to spark conversation!

Studio Features:

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Image Credits:
Abandoned, 2007. Oil on canvas. Courtesy of artist.
Bella, 2006. Acrylic on board. Courtesy of artist.
Boy and his Bike, 2008-2009. Acrylic on board. Courtesy of artist.
Girl in the Bowl, 2008-2009. Mixed Media. Courtesy of artist.
Urban Awakening, 2008-2009. Graphic design. Courtesy of artist.