Adrian Cox


3103 Pestalozzi St

St. Louis, MO 63118

Studio Open Sunday, October 8

Media Type:

Painting, Sculpture

My work forms an ongoing narrative that mythologizes the lives of the Border Creatures, a fictional race of beings that are defined by their shifting and indeterminate edges. These recurring characters exist in a state of perpetual metamorphosis. Through their mutations, they hybridize with mineral deposits, flora, and fauna, allowing an intense physical connection to their environment. These transformations cause them to take on the characteristics of their surroundings; the distinct categories of man and nature are disrupted as the boundaries between these creatures and their wilderness home, the Borderlands, become obscured. This symbiotic relationship blurs the Natural and the Unnatural, concepts that have been central to a traditional understanding of human identity. My paintings are mythic fictions that speak to a contemporary human experience, and suggest that there is no "pure" way to exist in the world. In the Borderlands, qualities that might be seen as grotesque or monstrous are synonymous with beauty. Ultimately, these paintings create an Arcadia for the Other, for creatures with fluid identities, a space where the language of difference breaks down.

Studio Features:

Image Credits:
Big Dreamer with Failed Poetry, 2016. Oil on panel. Courtesy the artist.
Glow Gardener with Nocturne, 2017. Oil on canvas. Courtesy the artist.
Studio, End of Day, 2017. Oil on canvas. Courtesy the artist.
Swamp Gardener with Flower, 2017. Oil on paper mounted to panel. Courtesy the artist.
The Dream, 2017. Oil on canvas. Courtesy the artist.