Brian DePauli


5736 West Park Ave

St. Louis, MO 63110

Studio Open Saturday, October 7

Media Type:

Drawing, Film/Video/Media art, Painting, Sculpture

Through a distinct and sharp wit, material economy and sensitivity, and a meticulous attention to craft, I aim to compose a defiant and accomplished body of work. The high standard of workmanship to which I adhere adds a layer of seriousness to my visual one-liners and stands as a rebellion against the systems that allow our "throwaway" lifestyle. To captivate a diverse audience my work functions on various levels; ranging from an emphasis on surface meaning and aesthetics, to deeper conceptual themes such as our society's "live to work" mentality and its related cultural and environmental effects. Furthermore, a dedicated studio practice - defined by a consistent and independent fastidiousness - proves the depth and seriousness of my creative pursuits.

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Image Credits:
Life's a Beach, 2014-2017. Oil on birch plywood. Courtesy of artist.
Life's a Beach, 2011-2013. Oil on birch plywood. Courtesy of artist.
The BriZone, 2015. Oil on paper. Courtesy of artist.
Built-In, 2017. Cherry. Courtesy of artist.
Hutch, 2017. Cherry. Courtesy of artist.