Fine Line Studios

12153 Bridgeton Sq

Bridgeton, MO 63044

Studio Open Saturday, October 7

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Ceramics, Drawing, Fiber, Jewelry, Printmaking, Painting, Sound

Fine Line Studios is an arts-based day program supporting adults with developmental disabilities, located in the Bridgeton neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri. We are a part of Resources for Human Development (RHD), a national human services non-profit, dedicated to supporting thousands of people of all abilities every year with effective, innovative, and person-centered programs. Fine Line Studios offers adults with disabilities an outlet for unbridled creativity and self-expression through visual arts, music, and community involvement. We provide individuals with the tools and materials to create art and the supports to define themselves as artists. Through classes in drawing & illustration, painting techniques, printmaking, ceramics & sculpture, jewelry, fibers, filmmaking, creative writing, and original music production, we allow our clients to explore their creative desires and develop their artistic skills. We help our individuals gain access to the local community through volunteering and leisure activities, by visiting local art museums and galleries, and showcasing their artwork in exhibitions. The staff members we employ to support our artists come from various backgrounds in the arts, allowing us to create a vibrant, diverse, and unique culture. Through the arts, we enrich the lives of those we serve.

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Image Credits:
Damian Harris, Fine Line Kim, 2017. Graphite, colored pencil, and permanent marker illustration on cold press watercolor paper. Courtesy the artist and Fine Line Studios.
Evan Holden, Memories, 2017. Permanent marker and paint marker on bristol. Courtesy the artist and Fine Line Studios.
Wanda Eldridge, Mask for the Ball, 2017. Graphite, colored pencil, and ink pen on bristol. Courtesy the artist and Fine Line Studios.
Jen Courtois, Love Hugs, 2016. White stoneware clay and commercial glazes, oxidation fired to Cone 4. Courtesy the artist and Fine Line Studios.
Selena Carter, Two Faces, 2017. Silkscreen print on cotton T-shirt. Courtesy the artist and Fine Line Studios.