1321 Lewis St

St. Louis, MO 63102

Studio Open Sunday, October 8

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Fiber, Installation, Performance

My current work tells/explores the story of HOME. Real and imagined. Over time and through time. Creating architectural spaces with traditional textiles for texture and context, using video and shamanic performance, creating a sense of connectedness to our natural and cultural environment. My personal story drives this. Adopted to Kansas by a Protestant couple, from an Irish mother and unknown father (half Irish, half everything). Rooting me in Celtic and world culture as my inspiration. In 1999 I became Identical twins Charles and Chalot Dougles-Book to explore my duel nature of gender and in memory of the two step siblings who died before I was adopted.

The Shamanic Performance and Installation "She Is A Cathedral (for Nikki and Jean)" includes the conclusion of "Harvesting Trees with A Clown" 6/8/16-9/8/17 a 5 act play, over time With the Ritual Burning of the Trees by Class Clown. And the resurrection of a treeless "She Is A Cathedral(for Nikki and Jean) a wood, Bamboo and rope pavilion with thighs of original and world textiles based on Nikki St Phalle’s groundbreaking feminist work. Highlighting textiles physical and contextual importance to society from grandma's Quilts to the Cuna's socially charged wallhangings.

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Image Credits:
Class Clown playing "Requiem for Trees" at conclusion of "Harvesting Trees With A Clown" June 8 2016 performance. Courtesy the artist.
She is a Cathedral (for Nikki & Jean) L. Pants of Particle Entanglement. R. Dropping Names: Katherine Dunham and all the rest. Courtesy the artist.
Gregg Louis, Blind Painting 33 (Morongo Valley), 2017. Ink on canvas. Courtesy the artist.
She is a Cathedral (for Nikki & Jean) portal of girlfriends dresses. Courtesy the artist.
She is a Cathedral (for Nikki & Jean) site view at Artica.