Samantha Hunerlach

5736 West Park Ave

St. Louis, MO 63110

Studio Open Saturday, October 7

Media Type:

Drawing, Fiber, Installation, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture

My current body of works are objects that open discussion about the unintentional neglect of children living in poverty. Through memory I am exploring the white-walled, temporary apartments that I inhabited throughout my childhood. I am interested in the control that lack of permanency has over families. The idea that these spaces are never permanent explores issues of instability in households and calls attention to the lack of importance placed on providing stable and dependable environments for children in America. Journaling allows recollections of my past experiences. Materials found within these written memories become the materials used to create objects. I frequently use lace, wax, string, fabric, wood, and cotton batting because they evoke the strongest feelings of personal comfort or discomfort. I use feelings held within material to create narratives of my past experiences. Choice of material and form stem from personal intimate moments, because of this, the pieces created project vulnerability structurally and conceptually. This vulnerability enables an open dialogue between the maker and the viewer. The result promotes a feeling of familiarity and transforms individual experiences into public interest.

Studio Features:

Image Credits:
Nevertheless a Bed, 2016. Wood, lace, beaded curtain. Courtesy the artist.
Stained Comfort, 2015. Cotton and dye. Courtesy the artist.
Ceiling, 2016. Acrylic, ceiling texture spray, and string. Courtesy the artist.
Birth, 2016. Cotton batting, string, wood. Courtesy the artist.
Commitment to Understanding Grasp, 2016. Lace, wood, and string. Courtesy the artist.