Ingrum Studio

4937 Washington Blvd

St. Louis, MO 63108

Studio Open Saturday, October 7

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Digital Media, Graphic Design/Illustration, Jewelry, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Social Practice/Community Art or Engagement

Since 2008, my work has involved the photographic exploration of sacred folk art or makeshift St monuments as a need for public healing, and closure as a reaction to violent deaths in our communities. As I began to explore my own community through the lens of my camera, my journey led me to eleven major cities across the states of America, and several international countries. I have interviewed families and loved ones who shared with me their loss and grief in moving and videographic testimonies. Because of those interviews, my work now addresses the fragility of violence and grieving and the mourning dynamics depicting an underlying need to place a temporary but everyday reminder that death can happen to anyone anywhere. My photographs display a critical view of social, political and cultural collective mourning in various U.S. neighborhoods, cities and communities. My aim with The Doll Project is to develop a platform that creates Aves for open dialogue that gives worth to ALL lives lived, no matter their status.

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Image Credits:
Black Lives Matter. Color Digital Print. Courtesy the artist.
Reading the Quran. Color Digital Print. Courtesy the artist.
African Nun. Color Digital Print. Courtesy the artist.
Light. Color Digital Print. Courtesy the artist.
America For The Free. Color Digital Print. Courtesy the artist.