David A. N. Jackson

5557 Etzel Ave

St. Louis, MO 63112

Studio Open Saturday, October 7

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Drawing, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Performance

Working with all types of materials and mediums in crafting and creating jewelry pieces I employ the same technique and approach as I do in playing music, accompanying other artists, and writing poetry and song. Recreating tradition in now modern times. Create the simple elegant tones, formations and structures - that are timeless, functional, joyFull, and powerFul in Be-ing. We have choices and power, and vision, and dreams. We are beseeched by ancestors long gone and yet to come to continue the process. We must leave this place better than how we inherited it; AND we must leave it undefiled by our presence. Reuse, renew, recycle, up-cycle, side-cycle is the operative practice. There is beauty all around us, and most definitely inside us. We must reach and venture into these places. So at the very least we in doing so inspire the bees and butterflies to continue to provide.

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