Martin Lang

3500 Lemp Ave, Building 12, 2nd Floor

St. Louis, MO 63118

Studio Open Sunday, October 8

Media Type:

Mixed Media, Sculpture, Film/Video/Media Art

My work presents a cultural riddle; existing as a focal point that maintains a blurriness. I’m creating something new that does not yet have a fixed and predictable identity despite a nagging sense of mutual familiarity - you recognize something in the work, it recognizes something in you.

I like to think about why objects, locations and trends were designed and rise to popularity in society and how I as an artist, can exploit, twist or manipulate them for my own intrigue. A newer development is trying to understand my affection and passion for design and designed functional domestic objects and how this connects to, or remains separate from, a perceived identity as an Artist. This practice generates works of culturally appropriated imagery, materials and modes of production.

Studio Features:

Image Credits:
Thinking of You, 2016. 6:33 video. Courtesy the artist.
Why Can’t You See?, 2016. 6:33 video. Courtesy the artist.
Who is Peaceful?, 2017. 7:17 video. Courtesy the artist.