Kevin McCoy (WORK/PLAY)


721 Kingsland Ave

St. Louis, MO 63130

Studio Open Saturday, October 7

Media Type:

Fiber, Printmaking

WORK/PLAY is an interdisciplinary design duo comprised of Kevin and Danielle McCoy. They integrate conceptual design, experimental printmaking techniques and textiles throughout their body of work. This is often done with typographic works, imagery and a variety of hand-dyed fabrics. The duo also incorporates bookmaking for publications, time-based works as well as installations to serve as a viable platform to disseminate an acerbic message to viewers. Their work centers around racial inequality as black Americans, erasure in history, and predisposed stereotypes often propagated by media.

Studio Features:

Image Credits:
Delta, Echo, Bravo, Tango, 2017. Flag material each 5 x 5 feet. Courtesy the artist and LillSt Rooftop Gallery.
I Am A Man, 2016. Framed silkscreened print on mylar, 23.5 x 30 inches. Courtesy the artist and Brea McAnally.
The Elephant in the Room, 2017. Silkscreen on faux velvet, grommets, 25 x 35 inches. Courtesy the artist and Kahlil Irving.
Intuition. Part of On&On Series, pt 2, 24 x 24 inches. Courtesy the artist.
Statelessness, 2016. Silkscreen on cotton, 36 x 54 inches. Courtesy the artist.