Anne Molasky


6403 Clemens Ave

University City, MO 63130

Studio Open Saturday, October 7

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Direct observation is my preferred approach to painting, regardless of the subject. The subject can be virtually anything: a model set up in a pose, people caught in their everyday routine of life, a pastoral setting, a street scene, still life or a found object. It is the way the light hits the form that I am really painting. Painting directly from life allows for an honest and personal interpretation which in turn creates an emotional response from the viewer. My landscape paintings are painted en plein-air (out in the open). My portrait studies are painted from life alla prima (all at once), while my commissioned portraits are created from a combination of live studies and reference photos. The medium I am most passionate about is oil painting. I find the material alone to be evocative and extremely versatile. For me, there is no other medium that offers the diversity of being luminous, translucent, opaque, thin, thick, loose and painterly, or tight and controlled. The colors can be brilliant and harmonious. It is very forgiving material.

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Image Credits:
Aimilee. Oil on panel. Courtesy the artist.
Storm’s Coming! Oil on panel. Courtesy the artist.
Trance. Alla Prima Oil on panel. Courtesy the artist.
The Big Field. Oil on board. Courtesy the artist.