Mariana Parisca

3518 Juniata St, Apt A

St. Louis, MO 63118

Studio Open Sunday, October 8

Media Type:

Drawing, Film/Video/Media Art, Mixed Media, Performance Art, Photography, Sculpture, Socially Engaged Art

My life and my work are an anthropological experiment; I am both observer and participant. I moved from Caracas, Venezuela to Toledo, Ohio in the year 2000. My family lives scattered across three continents. I know I am not the only one. I am interested in identity as the permeability of our boundaries. I study the way we fill up the social spaces given to us, the way we come to our borders, both literally and poetically. The moments where internal worlds materialize, and habitus-as the way the outside world lives inside you everyday and resurfaces, are common concepts in my work. In material terms, subjectivity comes to the surface and objectivity lies on the surface. Photographs are flat slivers of reality, I play with our tendency to call that truth. Interdisciplinarity is both medium and concept. Embodiment is my process; my way of knowing and understanding. The work is the artifact and residue of embodied experience in which material is substance. I aim to trace attention and intention, to reveal sight as longing, sight as power, sight as control. I seek the difference between presentation and representation. Your understanding of the word representation following the word presentation. The understanding of my self as 'estoy' lost in english and becoming always 'yo soy.' I see truth in contextuality, multiplicity, and contingency. I find beauty futility, fragility, and impermanence, and use this to push back on our technological systems of identifying merit.

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Image Credits:
she sorries her tights will fall of her body and be seen, 2017. Lithography print on muslin, mirror, mylar, nylon tights, 2ft. x 5ft.
Las Ninas Bonitas No Comen Chicle, 2016. Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum, laserjet print, glass, 24in. x 24 in.
My Hotel Crib, 2015-2016. Ceramic, stuffed cotton, image transfers from screenshots of videos 10in. x 9in. x 10in.