Erica Popp

3271 Roger Place

St. Louis, MO 63116

Studio Open Saturday, October 7

Media Type:

Ceramics, Printmaking, Photography

Erica Popp creates ceramics, prints, and photographs inspired by nature, personal and collective history, and environment. Her specialty areas include alternative photographic processes and photographic decals on ceramics. Her work has been exhibited nationally and is also reproduced and sold by Urban Outfitters and Art Crate. You may also see one of her prints featured on Metro stops as part of Metro Arts In Transit 2016. The works in progress that you will see include her Dream Series and handmade books. You will also see works in progress that are potential pieces for ongoing projects: her Family Heirlooms ceramics series and Midwest Landscapes photography series. The ceramic work explores her family tree and stories of her ancestors who emigrated from Germany and Norway with the dream of owning land and making a better life in America. In her rural landscapes Popp explores and photographs farmland in the Midwest, creating similar views to what her ancestors would have seen daily.

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Image Credits:
Feathers, 2014. Cyanotype on Paper. Courtesy the artist.
After Anna Atkins, 2009. Cyanotype on Paper. Courtesy the artist.
Family Heirlooms Plates, 2016. Decal and glaze on porcelain. Courtesy the artist.
Over/Under, 2013. Intaglio print on paper. Courtesy the artist.
Tree Between Fields, 2015. Dye-based inkjet print on resin-coated paper. Courtesy the artist.