Cory Sever


3750 Washington Blvd

St. Louis, MO 63108

Studio Open Saturday, October 7

Media Type:

Sculpture, Drawing, Mixed Media, Performance

Through wearable sculpture as vessels to infiltrate multiple platforms such as performance, fashion, social constructs, etc., a Cast of Bandits has been formed. Within the composition of this cast lies the ability to provoke ideas of social awareness and the ambiguity surrounding gender, race, sex and more. In exploring these entities, unfamiliarities and discomfort are guides in understanding complex issues faced in real life and within the surreal context. Being that a large amount of my current work centers around construction and building wearables, I invite people to further see how my work takes on many forms. For example I previously received my degree in Drawing at MIAD in 2013, where a majority of time was spent working on 2d work with the human form in the constructs of figure drawing. Fascinated by the complexities of how the human form can further act as a structure to build on has lead me in a more all encompassing practice. using my drawing background as means of creating these entities allows myself to distort, transform, and further push each media I work in through performance.

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Image Credits:
Dada Promo.
Camper Studio.
Purple Martin Gundam Wing Helmet.
Fools Gold Bandit, Mixed Media.
Diva Cop.