Pat Toenjes


2028 S 12th St

St. Louis, MO 63104

Studio Open Sunday, October 8

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Ceramics, Sculpture

I started doing ceramics in 1998 and found I loved it but was craving to create more than decorative items so in about 2012 I expanded to Mosaics and found I enjoyed that too. With an appetite for more, I stumbled on a You Tube video of a unique and fresh process that instantly connected with my long time desire to do abstract painting. I had the drive but lacked the knowledge. There it was! The inspiring marriage of clay and paint...CLAY MONOPRINTING!! Since my exposure to the process I have submersed myself in the process and truly love creating Clay Monoprints.

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Image Credits:
Rusty Teapot.
Angel Wings.
Flight of the Phoenix.